Adult entertainment in New York

New York, or the Big Apple, is a great place for a few days break but if you would like to enjoy some adult entertainment where do you go? A couple of London escorts that I know traveled to New York recently and decided to check out the adult entertainment scene. A couple of the London escorts were surprised at what they found and a bit uncertain of the meaning of it all. It was certainly very different from London’s Soho district and the girls did not think it was as nice. I have to say that I am surprised because Las Vegas can even be classy when it comes to adult entertainment.

It was not the attention of London escorts to check out the New York adult scene. Maria, from London escorts services, say that they only did so out of curiosity. They were there to go shopping but at the same time they wanted to get a feel for adult culture in New York. One night, the girls decided to visit a couple of adult bars and they were shocked. Now bars back in London are normally very nice, but Maria and the other London escorts said that these bars were sleazy. They seemed to be full of men who were very badly dressed and they all smelt funny.

The night after that our brave London escorts ventured to a couple of strip clubs. Our London escorts had hardly set down when the owner turned up and asked them if they were looking for work. This would never happen in London the girls said as it is offensive. We could have just been a couple of girls out for a good time, not looking for jobs. If, you are looking for jobs in London, you go and speak to the owner and do a trial session. You are certainly not jumped on by the owner.

The third night our now exhausted London escorts, decided to try male escorts services in New York. They wanted to know if they were anything like male London escorts service back home instead of just female London escorts. Unfortunately, the girls were sorely disappointed when three guys turned up at the door of their rented apartment. The girls were expecting a night out on the town but the male escorts just wanted to give them massages and have group sex with them. No male London escorts would ever dream about doing that, so the girls sent them packing.

Well, it seems that New York does have an adult scene but I am not so sure that it is what we expect here in London. The girls said that over all they had enjoyed their trip to New York but wouldn’t consider using escorts services or going to any adult bars again. The service they got was certainly not what they had expected and they were all hugely disappointed. Next time they know better and they will stick to shopping and going out to dinner together. Perhaps they will consider taking in a show as well.