Are you still feeling lonely?

East London, or the East End, used to be one the friendliest places in the entire world. I have been away from London for the last ten years, and things have certainly changed. Everybody keeps blaming the Olympics and say that the East End has changed because of the Olympics. I don’t agree with that at all. In fact, I think it has everything to do with property development. It used to be relatively cheap to live in east London, but now it is almost as expensive as living in central London. One thing that has not changed, is the east London escorts


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When I lived in London all of those years ago, I used to love to date east London escorts. On my return, I quickly noticed how much things have changed and I was worried that I would not be able to find my favorite girls. But, I am delighted to say that the girls are just here and they are every bit as friendly as they have ever been. Within a couple of hours arriving back in London, I had managed to arrange my first date with a gorgeous blonde called Suzi. She was a stunning girl, and I soon realized that I had really missed my girls.

Not a lot has changed about east London escorts, but I have noticed that a lot of the girls are from abroad. When I left London, a lot of the girls were still English. The lovely Suzi that I dated was originally from Poland, but she has been living in London for five years. She says that she is beginning to feel rather English, and I noticed that she even had a bit of an East End accent. She loves living here, and I got the feeling that she did not want to go back to Poland.

Also, I have noticed that east London escorts now have a web site. When I left London, all they had was a mobile telephone number. It seems kind of strange but I do feel that the escorts service here in London has become very professional. The girls are friendly and they are fun to be with, but I do feel in many ways that the escorts agency that I used, was a very slick commercial operation. Of course, there is nothing wrong with that at all, but losing touch with the average Joe is one of the professional hazards.

Yes, I am going to be dating more girls at east London escorts. I like the girls and there are certainly a lot of young ladies at the agency. Not all of the girls are blonde anymore, and I think that is a refreshing change. I love the fact that you can check out the girls the girls online before you actually arrange a date. I had a great date with Suzi, and I will certainly make sure that I see the lovely Suzi again. Mind you, I need to get my head around duo dating and escorts for couples.

Hot Brunettes in Finchley

Dear Better Sex Guide,

I have a problem. After a recent move to Finchley I thought it would be easy to find brunette escorts in Finchley. However, so far I have not been successful in my quest and it is made me rather miserable. I hate spending Friday and Saturday nights on my own and to be honest I am desperate for some female companionship. Before I moved to Finchley I used to live in Romford and never had any problems finding sexy brunette escorts, but Finchley escorts are proving to be far more elusive. Would you be able to give some advice where to find agencies or should I be looking for independent escorts. Thanks Lonely in Finchley

Dear Lonely in Finchley,

Finchley Escorts

Finchley Escorts babes

You are not the first gent who has written in and told us that there is a problem with finding Finchley escorts agencies. I think some of it has to do with search terms on the Internet. All of the gents that we have spoken to here on the Better Sex Guide seem to be putting in the search terms London and escorts. Yes, Finchley is in London but you do really need to put in Finchley and escorts to find the local agencies.

As a matter of fact, the best thing that you can put in is Finchley escorts or go to We are still plagued by the problem that escorts agencies are not permitted to advertise locally so you are unlikely to find adverts in places such as the Finchley Herald. You are much better on checking the agencies out online. Alternatively, you can also put in hot brunettes in Finchley and you are likely to come across adverts and results in search engines for escort agencies in Finchley. There is normally away around the system to be honest with you.

If you follow the links on this page, you will go straight to some of the best escorts agencies in Finchley and be able to find the hottest ladies in town. Finchley escorts do offer an excellent service and I notice that several hot brunettes seem to be dating through the local service. I would always recommend using escorts agencies instead of independent escorts. This is a really good way of ensuring that you get access to a high standard service and you are able to date the sexiest and hottest girls. It may sound like the Better Sex Guide favors agencies, but in fact we don’t. I am sure that many independent escorts offer and excellent standard of service. but more gents do write in about problems with independent escorts.

Finchley escorts have a full range of services including VIP escorts and elite escorting services. They will be able to cater for all your needs even though you may just need a sensual massage. However, I do also notice that a lot of Finchley girls offer duo dating and there is even a dominatrix service. I am sure that you will soon get the hang of using your new escorts service and you will enjoy dating many hot young ladies.