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Woking escorts on sexy adverts

Are we getting to obsessed about sexy adverts on TV? It is difficult to switch on a mainstream channel, and find an advert which does not have some sort of sexual inclination these days. We seem to be getting more and more focused on selling things using sex, it does make you wonder why that it is. Sara from Woking escorts is worried about her little sister, who is only 12 years old, would end up watching something which is not suitable for her age. ” When I was her age, we did not have these kind of adverts, says Sara, and I do think it is wrong.”

Are kids becoming sexualised too early? It isn’t only the adverts, claims Sara from Woking escorts, it is the teenage magazines as well. I recently read one of my sister’s magazines, and it had a feature called “position of the week”, I was shocked quite frankly. This is being pitched towards kids my sister’s age, and there are graphic images inside. Okay, my sister knows about sex, but there is no need to describe it to her so graphically. I don’t mind her reading magazines for kids her age, but what I saw inside totally shocked me. I had to explain to her that she should not try it.

I had a really good sex education in my school, says Sara, but I was lucky. We had this amazing teacher who taught us really well, but my sister is less fortunate. I always remember that my teacher focused on telling us all that we should not have sex until we were ready, I would totally agree with that and I think that teachers should stress points like that. Also, what was important was that we were allowed to discuss sex during our sex education classes. It changed my attitude to sex, and I am sure that many of my colleagues here at Woking escorts which they would have had the same experience.

However, now I feel that the focus on sex in the media is overwhelming, and we should do something about it. Some of my colleagues here at Woking escorts have children, and they are very concerned about it. What they are really saying is that they are concerned about the future of their children, and what they are going to be exposed to. How far are we going to take this? Surely not everything needs to include sex or “hints of sex” as advertisers say.

Are we too full on when it comes to sex? I think that many TV networks should think twice before they show and accept certain ads. For instance, Woking escorts are not allowed to advertise because of sex issues, so why should we have sexy adverts before 6 pm? There is a lot of controversy here, but I honestly think that there should be a lot stricter rules. We now have online TV as well, and many kids, including my sister, has access to Internet TV. The streaming services are supplied by networks who are sponsored by adverts, and they show some risky adverts as well.