Adult Entertainment

After 15 years with London escorts, I decided that it was time to put my stilettos away and do something different. It can be tough to carve out a career for yourself when you have worked for a London escorts agency for a long time. London escorts are very much of the adult entertainment industry in London. It is an industry that I know very well, so I decided that I wanted to stay in the industry.

Starting yet another London escorts was out of the question. In my opinion, there are far too many London escorts agencies already and we really don’t need another one. Instead, I thought about starting an agency or business that helped gentlemen and ladies visiting London find the right kind of adult entertainment in London. The capital has in the last ten years become the centre of adult entertainment in Europe and I knew that some visitors struggled to find the pleasure they were looking for when they checked out London on the net.

I wanted to give my agency a personal touch. As a matter of fact, I wanted to be similar to the London escorts agency that I used to work. Sure, it is okay to check things out online, but I think it is important to have a chance to speak to someone as well. The London escorts agency I worked for was really good at putting gents in touch with the right girl, and I think that mattered a lot to regular users. My agency would give clients the same experience.

Of course, I realised that both men and women want to visit London and date London escorts. I decided that I would start to rate the London escorts agencies that I had experience of dealing with when I worked in the industry. Gentlemen who visit London like to have all sorts of different dating experiences, but the problem is that there is not set in industry standard. You can some girls who call themselves experienced dominatrixes when they only have a few months experience of the business. If you are prepared to pay a lot of money for a date that is not really what you are looking for.

Starting looking around London, and you will soon find that London escorts agencies are not the only kind of adult entertainment gentlemen look for when they come to London. Many would also like to enjoy sex parties and other kinky experiences. The idea behind my agency is that it will one day become a similar sort of site to other internet booking services. But, unlike other services, I want to deliver a personal experience and service. The phone needs to be answered and the best advice given. Quality adult fun for discerning adults that is what it is all about. Something different to what the adult entertainment industry in London can offer right now