New York, New York

Manhattan, New York is an exciting and fun cultural mecca with countless things to do and places to see. From taking in a musical on Broadway to enjoying a Sunday afternoon stroll in Central Park, whatever interest that you may have, New York City can probably fulfill it. If you are planning to live in the city, here are a few tips for navigating the Big Apple.

First, if you are concerned about transportation, the last thing you need to do is to buy or rent a car. With subways, buses, and taxis galore, it is unnecessary to throw your hard-earned money at car payments or rental fees when there are so many alternative modes of transportation readily available.

Second, be cautious with your personal belongings when you walk the streets. If you have a wallet, put it in your front pocket because it is more difficult for a pickpocket to steal it from your front pocket than it is from your back pocket. If you have a shoulder bag, wear it diagonally across one shoulder to the other side of your body, not the shoulder that’s on the same side of your body; this helps to keep your bag in front of you and in plain sight.

If you are seeking out some good Manhattan cafes in which to relax and unwind, here are some suggestions:

One of the top cafes in Manhattan is Birch Coffee, which is located at 5 East 27th Street. Found on the ground floor of the Gershwin Hotel, Birch Coffee is an excellent place to grab a brew and a book left behind by a previous patron. You too can then, in turn, leave one for the next customer. Birch Coffee has a reputation for having a supreme level of cleanliness, as well as making delicious brewed coffee, but, like most cafes in Manhattan, their prices are a bit high (for example, a sandwich may run you about $10).

If you’re interested in supporting a worthy cause, then Housing Works Bookstore Café, located at 126 Crosby Street, is the place to go. All profits go to Housing Works, a non-profit organization that fights homelessness and AIDS. It is an excellent place to grab a good read while also helping to tackle important issues.

In the words of Taylor Swift: “Welcome to New York!”

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