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Is it a blast living in Canary Wharf if you are a singleton?

If you have a bit of spare cash, it sounds like Canary Wharf in London might be a fun place to live in. There are plenty of pubs, shops and restaurant, and perhaps this is why so many gents move here after their divorces. On the surface of it sounds like an easy place to live , and you might be able to expand your social life. However, if you are a divorce in your mid 50’s, it may not be the perfect place at all. Instead of meeting other people within your age group, you may find that you end up dating a Canary Wharf escorts.

The simple question is why do so many gents in their 50’s end up dating Canary Wharf escorts? A lot of the local in Canary Wharf are young and upcoming executives, and the life style of a gent in his 50’s may not fit in here at all. As a matter of fact, it may seem worlds apart from the trendy and fast pace life of many of the local residents. It would be nice to think that we all fitted in every where but this is seldom the case. A gent in his 50’s may be considering taking up his golf clubs instead of sipping pints at the local theme pub.

A lot of Canary Wharf escorts say that this is often the case, and that gents should perhaps take another look at the area. Yes, there are some good investment opportunities in Canary Wharf, but is the area really for them? Most of the girls think that this is a very young persons area and the people who live are often under 35 years old. They have worked hard and been able to find the deposit for a flat. Now they are working hard to pay of that mortgage as quickly as they can.

Suzi from Canary Wharf escorts services say that many recently divorce gents often buy a 2 bedroom apartment in cash with the proceeds from the sale of the marital home. They think it is a great idea but they don’t really look into the area. The most popular escorts service in the area is party girls says Suzi. That should really be telling them something. Okay, to them they may be able to easily afford the price tag, but just like many other areas of London, this is place is about more than the price tag. It is important to remember that you need to live as well.

There are some green areas around Canary Wharf and on the Isle of Dogs as such, but may be not what these gents are looking for. They are actually looking for a community spirit, says Suzi and this can be harder to find in this part of London. As a consequence many of them end up alone and start dating Canary Wharf escorts for a bit of company. It is probably a real blast living in Canary Wharf if you are a young singleton, but perhaps less fun if you are a recently divorced gents in your 50’s.

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