Are we getting bored with adult entertainment?

I am pretty sure that some people are getting bored with adult entertainment. It is getting a little bit stale and we need something different. Not only that, but I do think that there are too many escort agencies in London. Most of them seem to offer the same kind of services, and the girls even look the same. Something has to give but I don’t know what that is going to be. Maybe charlotte escorts need to come up with a new idea for dating.

Dating London escorts is not anything new to me at all, I love dating escorts in London, but I think too many London escorts agencies just cip cat each other. It all sounds the same, and finding a London escorts service which can keep you on your toes is hard. It is a little bit like physical exercise. Unless you constantly challenge yourself, you are not going to get that much out of it.

London has also been packed with adult entertainment for a long time, and it has not been delivered on such a sophisticated note. I recently visited Las Vegas and I noticed that things are changing there as well. Adult entertainment seems to have grown up a lot and it is about time the same things happens here in London. I think it would help the majority of London escorts services. Above all we need to see more London escorts who have got a lot more experience.

Too many young girls are involved at the moment, and I think we need some more mature London escorts who have got more people skills and experience of escorting.

Are there too many foreign London escorts? Recently I have been bumping into more and more foreign London escorts. I went to a business function recently, and all of the London escorts who were there, were all foreign girls. It was okay, but to be honest, I think it was a little bit disappointing for the guys who were out of town visitors. Many of them had wanted to date genuine London escorts. I was disappointed for them and I explained that many girls who work as escorts in London are foreign. Yes, they call themselves London escorts but it does not mean that any of them were born in London. I am sure that in the future we may see more English born escorts in London.

One thing that I think is very good in London is the sex party scene. There are some parties which are really sophisticated and I have been to some amazing sex parties. It was one of the English girls at London escorts who told me about the party. When I went along, I was not disappointed at all ,and really got a kick out of it. There are some things we Brits do very well, and it seems that sex parties is something that we can truly excel at when we make it happen.

Perhaps it all goes back to the good old days of the Club …

Are you still feeling lonely?

East London, or the East End, used to be one the friendliest places in the entire world. I have been away from London for the last ten years, and things have certainly changed. Everybody keeps blaming the Olympics and say that the East End has changed because of the Olympics. I don’t agree with that at all. In fact, I think it has everything to do with property development. It used to be relatively cheap to live in east London, but now it is almost as expensive as living in central London. One thing that has not changed, is the east London escorts


the east london escorts hot babes

When I lived in London all of those years ago, I used to love to date east London escorts. On my return, I quickly noticed how much things have changed and I was worried that I would not be able to find my favorite girls. But, I am delighted to say that the girls are just here and they are every bit as friendly as they have ever been. Within a couple of hours arriving back in London, I had managed to arrange my first date with a gorgeous blonde called Suzi. She was a stunning girl, and I soon realized that I had really missed my girls.

Not a lot has changed about east London escorts, but I have noticed that a lot of the girls are from abroad. When I left London, a lot of the girls were still English. The lovely Suzi that I dated was originally from Poland, but she has been living in London for five years. She says that she is beginning to feel rather English, and I noticed that she even had a bit of an East End accent. She loves living here, and I got the feeling that she did not want to go back to Poland.

Also, I have noticed that east London escorts now have a web site. When I left London, all they had was a mobile telephone number. It seems kind of strange but I do feel that the escorts service here in London has become very professional. The girls are friendly and they are fun to be with, but I do feel in many ways that the escorts agency that I used, was a very slick commercial operation. Of course, there is nothing wrong with that at all, but losing touch with the average Joe is one of the professional hazards.

Yes, I am going to be dating more girls at east London escorts. I like the girls and there are certainly a lot of young ladies at the agency. Not all of the girls are blonde anymore, and I think that is a refreshing change. I love the fact that you can check out the girls the girls online before you actually arrange a date. I had a great date with Suzi, and I will certainly make sure that I see the lovely Suzi again. Mind you, I need to get my head around duo dating and escorts for couples.

London is not the only hot city in the world

London is not the only hot and exciting in the world. A couple of the girls from the London escorts agency that I work for recently decided to visit to visit New York. Initially the trip was only to explore all of the great shops in New York, but for my colleagues is sort of ended up being a buss man’s holiday to New York, and the girls visited all of the adult spots in New York. Just like London, New York is changing a lot, and my colleagues from here at Charlotte escorts, thought it was a bit like they are trying to clean it up.

Unfortunately, the porn industry in the United States is coming under fire more than the porn industry in the UK. New York used to be a bit of mecca for adult entertainment but this is changing very rapidly. Quite a few charlotte escorts used to go here to do a bit of clubbing but that is rapidly changing. The girls who came back from New York said it was a bit like all of the hot night spots were going underground. Unfortunately, London escorts who used to work in Soho, say the same thing is happening there.

The truth is that most cities around the world have a red light district, and why should the top cities be any different. Yes, I know that not all tourists are London escorts and look out for these places, but I still think that many of them attract visitors. I love going over to New York to go shopping with my friends at London escorts, but it is nice to be able to have some adult fun at the same time. Now it is getting to be harder and harder to do just that.

Recently, I visited both Barcelona and Madrid in Spain. Yes, the excuse was to go shopping, but I had a look around as well. I was not the only girl from charlotte escorts in the party, and sadly as we went out for the evening, we did notice that both cities are being cleaned up as well. A few if the girls from London escorts said it was like the cities are coping each other, and are all beginning to look the same. Sadly I would have to say that I would agree with that and it could be that this is the new trend.

Is our world becoming boring? Yes, I would say that our world is becoming boring and I wonder how it will end for London escorts. Are we soon going to see the end of charlotte escorts agencies? It could be that some smart MP puts forward a proposal to ban London escorts, and I wonder what will happen then. If, we are banned, who is going to look after all of the lonely hearts in London? Adult tourism does attract visitors to London, and shouldn’t we leave it alone instead? We are too quick to jump sometimes and we should consider the long term consequences.

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Woking escorts on sexy adverts

Are we getting to obsessed about sexy adverts on TV? It is difficult to switch on a mainstream channel, and find an advert which does not have some sort of sexual inclination these days. We seem to be getting more and more focused on selling things using sex, it does make you wonder why that it is. Sara from Woking escorts is worried about her little sister, who is only 12 years old, would end up watching something which is not suitable for her age. ” When I was her age, we did not have these kind of adverts, says Sara, and I do think it is wrong.”

Are kids becoming sexualised too early? It isn’t only the adverts, claims Sara from Woking escorts, it is the teenage magazines as well. I recently read one of my sister’s magazines, and it had a feature called “position of the week”, I was shocked quite frankly. This is being pitched towards kids my sister’s age, and there are graphic images inside. Okay, my sister knows about sex, but there is no need to describe it to her so graphically. I don’t mind her reading magazines for kids her age, but what I saw inside totally shocked me. I had to explain to her that she should not try it.

I had a really good sex education in my school, says Sara, but I was lucky. We had this amazing teacher who taught us really well, but my sister is less fortunate. I always remember that my teacher focused on telling us all that we should not have sex until we were ready, I would totally agree with that and I think that teachers should stress points like that. Also, what was important was that we were allowed to discuss sex during our sex education classes. It changed my attitude to sex, and I am sure that many of my colleagues here at Woking escorts which they would have had the same experience.

However, now I feel that the focus on sex in the media is overwhelming, and we should do something about it. Some of my colleagues here at Woking escorts have children, and they are very concerned about it. What they are really saying is that they are concerned about the future of their children, and what they are going to be exposed to. How far are we going to take this? Surely not everything needs to include sex or “hints of sex” as advertisers say.

Are we too full on when it comes to sex? I think that many TV networks should think twice before they show and accept certain ads. For instance, Woking escorts are not allowed to advertise because of sex issues, so why should we have sexy adverts before 6 pm? There is a lot of controversy here, but I honestly think that there should be a lot stricter rules. We now have online TV as well, and many kids, including my sister, has access to Internet TV. The streaming services are supplied by networks who are sponsored by adverts, and they show some risky adverts as well.

Adult entertainment in New York

New York, or the Big Apple, is a great place for a few days break but if you would like to enjoy some adult entertainment where do you go? A couple of London escorts that I know traveled to New York recently and decided to check out the adult entertainment scene. A couple of the London escorts were surprised at what they found and a bit uncertain of the meaning of it all. It was certainly very different from London’s Soho district and the girls did not think it was as nice. I have to say that I am surprised because Las Vegas can even be classy when it comes to adult entertainment.

It was not the attention of London escorts to check out the New York adult scene. Maria, from London escorts services, say that they only did so out of curiosity. They were there to go shopping but at the same time they wanted to get a feel for adult culture in New York. One night, the girls decided to visit a couple of adult bars and they were shocked. Now bars back in London are normally very nice, but Maria and the other London escorts said that these bars were sleazy. They seemed to be full of men who were very badly dressed and they all smelt funny.

The night after that our brave London escorts ventured to a couple of strip clubs. Our London escorts had hardly set down when the owner turned up and asked them if they were looking for work. This would never happen in London the girls said as it is offensive. We could have just been a couple of girls out for a good time, not looking for jobs. If, you are looking for jobs in London, you go and speak to the owner and do a trial session. You are certainly not jumped on by the owner.

The third night our now exhausted London escorts, decided to try male escorts services in New York. They wanted to know if they were anything like male London escorts service back home instead of just female London escorts. Unfortunately, the girls were sorely disappointed when three guys turned up at the door of their rented apartment. The girls were expecting a night out on the town but the male escorts just wanted to give them massages and have group sex with them. No male London escorts would ever dream about doing that, so the girls sent them packing.

Well, it seems that New York does have an adult scene but I am not so sure that it is what we expect here in London. The girls said that over all they had enjoyed their trip to New York but wouldn’t consider using escorts services or going to any adult bars again. The service they got was certainly not what they had expected and they were all hugely disappointed. Next time they know better and they will stick to shopping and going out to dinner together. Perhaps they will consider taking in a show as well.

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Chiswick Lovelies

What isn’t there to like about Chiswick escorts? I have been dating Chiswick girls for a couple of years now, and I think that they are the hottest dates in London these days. Chiswick is also a great place to live if you can afford it. It has sort of a suburban feel to it, and I love the fact it is so close to the river. It never used to be the most popular part of London, however, in recent years Chiswick has come along way. This is perhaps why you are able to find more and more services in this part of London.

Chiswick escorts is only one of the many services that you can find here. The area itself has some great local restaurant and coffee shops. Annie’s restaurant in Chiswick is the perfect time to go any time of the day. Personally I really love to pop around in the morning for an early brunch or late breakfast. Their poached eggs on avocado is to die for, and is my favorite breakfast dish. They also offer great lunches and dinners. It is a little tucked away but not very far from the river at all. Just the perfect place to meet friends.

If you fancy taking your Chiswick escorts, or party girls, out for the evening, there are some great places to go as well. Yes, there are some great pubs and gastro pubs, but you may want to check out Ngon which is a Vietnamese eatery so to speak. Vietnamese food is great and very easy to eat. It makes a fantastic alternative to one of the many gastro pubs in the area, and you will find it can really set you up for a night out. If you like to go out and eat something different it is the place to go.

Chiswick is a wonderful green area, and can feel like a million miles away from the hustle and bustle of central London. I like to make the most of the place, and just often go out walking around Chiswick. It is nice to be able to move your muscles a bit if you are planning a night in with one of your favorite hot Chiswick escorts. It is just what you need to get some air in to your lungs before you party all night with one or two of your favorite adventurous girls from one of the local agencies.

The truth is that Chiswick, and Chiswick escorts, does it for me very time. I never get tired of the place, and I just love this part of London. It is not only the local escorts who make the place exciting. Many of the people who live in the local area are unique as well, and you will be surprised at some of the local eccentrics that you can meet. If, you are visiting London, you should certainly take some time out and enjoy everything that Chiswick has to offer you. You never know what delights that you might be able to sample….

Hot Brunettes in Finchley

Dear Better Sex Guide,

I have a problem. After a recent move to Finchley I thought it would be easy to find brunette escorts in Finchley. However, so far I have not been successful in my quest and it is made me rather miserable. I hate spending Friday and Saturday nights on my own and to be honest I am desperate for some female companionship. Before I moved to Finchley I used to live in Romford and never had any problems finding sexy brunette escorts, but Finchley escorts are proving to be far more elusive. Would you be able to give some advice where to find agencies or should I be looking for independent escorts. Thanks Lonely in Finchley

Dear Lonely in Finchley,

Finchley Escorts

Finchley Escorts babes

You are not the first gent who has written in and told us that there is a problem with finding Finchley escorts agencies. I think some of it has to do with search terms on the Internet. All of the gents that we have spoken to here on the Better Sex Guide seem to be putting in the search terms London and escorts. Yes, Finchley is in London but you do really need to put in Finchley and escorts to find the local agencies.

As a matter of fact, the best thing that you can put in is Finchley escorts or go to We are still plagued by the problem that escorts agencies are not permitted to advertise locally so you are unlikely to find adverts in places such as the Finchley Herald. You are much better on checking the agencies out online. Alternatively, you can also put in hot brunettes in Finchley and you are likely to come across adverts and results in search engines for escort agencies in Finchley. There is normally away around the system to be honest with you.

If you follow the links on this page, you will go straight to some of the best escorts agencies in Finchley and be able to find the hottest ladies in town. Finchley escorts do offer an excellent service and I notice that several hot brunettes seem to be dating through the local service. I would always recommend using escorts agencies instead of independent escorts. This is a really good way of ensuring that you get access to a high standard service and you are able to date the sexiest and hottest girls. It may sound like the Better Sex Guide favors agencies, but in fact we don’t. I am sure that many independent escorts offer and excellent standard of service. but more gents do write in about problems with independent escorts.

Finchley escorts have a full range of services including VIP escorts and elite escorting services. They will be able to cater for all your needs even though you may just need a sensual massage. However, I do also notice that a lot of Finchley girls offer duo dating and there is even a dominatrix service. I am sure that you will soon get the hang of using your new escorts service and you will enjoy dating many hot young ladies.

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Is it a blast living in Canary Wharf if you are a singleton?

If you have a bit of spare cash, it sounds like Canary Wharf in London might be a fun place to live in. There are plenty of pubs, shops and restaurant, and perhaps this is why so many gents move here after their divorces. On the surface of it sounds like an easy place to live , and you might be able to expand your social life. However, if you are a divorce in your mid 50’s, it may not be the perfect place at all. Instead of meeting other people within your age group, you may find that you end up dating a Canary Wharf escorts.

The simple question is why do so many gents in their 50’s end up dating Canary Wharf escorts? A lot of the local in Canary Wharf are young and upcoming executives, and the life style of a gent in his 50’s may not fit in here at all. As a matter of fact, it may seem worlds apart from the trendy and fast pace life of many of the local residents. It would be nice to think that we all fitted in every where but this is seldom the case. A gent in his 50’s may be considering taking up his golf clubs instead of sipping pints at the local theme pub.

A lot of Canary Wharf escorts say that this is often the case, and that gents should perhaps take another look at the area. Yes, there are some good investment opportunities in Canary Wharf, but is the area really for them? Most of the girls think that this is a very young persons area and the people who live are often under 35 years old. They have worked hard and been able to find the deposit for a flat. Now they are working hard to pay of that mortgage as quickly as they can.

Suzi from Canary Wharf escorts services say that many recently divorce gents often buy a 2 bedroom apartment in cash with the proceeds from the sale of the marital home. They think it is a great idea but they don’t really look into the area. The most popular escorts service in the area is party girls says Suzi. That should really be telling them something. Okay, to them they may be able to easily afford the price tag, but just like many other areas of London, this is place is about more than the price tag. It is important to remember that you need to live as well.

There are some green areas around Canary Wharf and on the Isle of Dogs as such, but may be not what these gents are looking for. They are actually looking for a community spirit, says Suzi and this can be harder to find in this part of London. As a consequence many of them end up alone and start dating Canary Wharf escorts for a bit of company. It is probably a real blast living in Canary Wharf if you are a young singleton, but perhaps less fun if you are a recently divorced gents in your 50’s.

Looking for Adult Fun in London

If you are planning to visit London, you might even be looking for some adult fun as well. When you are planning some adult fun, it is really important to find the right agency to help you to do so.

Some agencies now even offer all in packages where you can book escorts, and exactly the sort of fun you are looking for.

girl naked with jewels CF

What type of fun are you looking?

If you are a single traveler you might be looking for just one single escort. However, if you are traveling in a group, you are more likely to be looking for a couple of London escorts to have a good time with.

It is easier to accommodate yourself as an individual as you know exactly what type of fun you are looking for, but when you are traveling with a group it can be more difficult. After all people have such different tastes.

Getting your booking for adult fun right

The best way forward is to sit down and have a chat to your friends. What would they like to do, and do they have any particular fetishes that would like to come out and play for the weekend?

Once you have decided what you would like to do, start looking around for a suitable agency. Most agencies can now be emailed, and it is a good idea to email a list of your requirements. This would allow the agency to find the right companion or companions for you.

Adult fun can be had in many cities around the world, but London escorts agencies like the ones at do cater for many different needs. This is a town which is a real melting pot, and you will find escorts from all over the world working here.

Many of the top London escorts agencies get really be so it is best to book well ahead of time. This becomes even more important if you are traveling in a party, and you might be looking to reserve dates with one or more escorts. In some areas, such as the West End, London escorts get booked up very quickly so you need to be quick of the mark. Canary Wharf is another area which is now popular, and Canary Wharf escorts tend to get booked up quickly as well.

Another important point is to make a little short list of what you are looking for. Some people have different preferences, and you may prefer blondes but many now book brunette escorts. Brunette seems to be the new blond, and brunette escorts do get booked up very quickly.

If, you are planning to have a party during your stay, and you already have a favorite escorts agency, you need to make sure that there are enough escorts available during your traveling dates. You can just email in to check on availability, and let them know your requirements.

Before you book, check out several agencies to make sure you get exactly what you are looking for. Be honest with yourself, and don’t settle for second best. Mind you, there isn’t a second best in London.

new york escorts

Escorts in New York and Escorts in London

There are escorts all over the world but the London escorts are special. New York escorts are just fine but they do have a different quality about them. A lot o f dates, say that they seem to be very commercially oriented and everything seems to be done in a real hurry.

The truth is must gentlemen prefer London escorts, and there are some particular reason why they prefer London escorts.

London escorts are classier

London escorts are classier. They know how to do dress, and they never look slutty. You will never catch a London escort dressed in a tarty way. She will always look nice and wear something sophisticated such as a cocktail rather than a pair of skin tight PVC trousers. Most of the girls are not dressed in high stilettos neither. Okay, so they may wear them at home but outside their boudoirs they are more likely to wear a pair of nicer shoes.

London escorts are more fun

Most men who date escorts in London say that they are much more fun to be with. They seem to have a sense of humour about things, and are much more likely to tell you a dirty joke over dinner than a New York escort. As a matter of fact, a lot of dates say that humour is a lost cause when it comes to New York escorts.

The girls may not be stand-up comedians but just like anybody else, they do like a good laugh and laughter makes everybody feel more relaxed.

A real melting pot

The girls that work in London are from all over the world, and you may even find a Japanese geisha or two in London. The great thing about cheap escorts in London is that you don’t need to travel the world to find the girl for you. Escorts, both boys and girls, from different nationalities make London their base and home.


In London you will also come across girls who have many different specialities. Their range of services may include special massage rituals, but there are other specialist services available.

new york escorts

new york escorts love baseball

If, you like to meet someone who has a food fetish, you are much more likely to do so in London than anywhere else. I have met girls who like to eat macaroni cheese off your belly, and I have also met girls who like to cover you up in whipped cream and slowly lick it off. When I was working as an escort, I remember one girl in particular who had a fascination for cake mix and always had a bowl of cake mix ready.


Variety – there is a huge variety of escorts in London. You will find some skinny ones, and you will find some plus size ones as well. Bigger women are quickly becoming popular, and many visitors like to date the larger lady. Hounslow escorts cater in particular for the man who prefers a larger lady.

The main benefit is that in London you don’t have to travel very far to find the escort companion of your choice. The area is well covered, and you are likely to find exactly what you are looking for in your local area.